May 9, 2012


Every surfer/windsurfer knows the  frustration of a changing forecast. Adding SUP'ing to my repertoire has made it easier to let one particular windy go by. But it still naggs me to miss out on a good day.
I primarily use 3  websites to determine whether or not to go for the danish westcoat.
I find that do very good predictions 5-7 days in advance, but they are not super accurate when it comes to saying excatly wheres the place to be. Windguru

This means that you most often can start making arrangements a week in advance. As a busy man this gives you a big advantage.. I start by prepairing my wife,  changing shifts around if possible,  making sure the laundrys done ;-)..
This particular forecast has had my phone buzzing for days already..
There are 2 other websites that make excellent forecast  but only 3 days in advance..

Friday already looks sweet

FRV offers you the same style of forecast, but you would be stupid not to dobbel check, just to be sure not to miss out on anything !!
Determining the excact spot is a whole other task that requires equal amount of: Guts , local knowledge, luck, webcam surfing and determination!!

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