Nov 27, 2013

HS Update I

So we have had quite a few nice days in Hvide Sande during the last  2 weeks or so.
The spot has changed a lot during the last few years due to the construction of a new pier/harbor wall that allows bigger ships to enter the harbor.
In the good old days , the smaller harbor wall  provided great windsurf conditions with North westerly winds, the waves would turn a bit allowing a more sideshore  approach allthough the wind was cross-onshore. The smaller pier also allowed for some great surfconditions

During the construction of the pier , we expierenced some  great waves between the old and the new pier. A sort of protected bassin with a well working left hand wave.
A few shots of the left hand wave...

After the construction work has finished this wave has gradually deterioated, leaving us with a few more anwsers the questions.
I will try and summarize the conditions below, feel free to post your own comment if you feel like I am missing out on something

At the moment there are 3 diffrent waves that work in their own way

The good old spot  with  the smaller piers

The new bigger piers and location of the 3 spots

Spot 1: aka "Betweens" . A lefthand wave that delivered great conditions during the pier construction . But now more seldomly works. But every know and again you will see the left rolling.
You will be able to se  the swell comming in but mostly in ends in a pretty intense shorebreak wave.
Hopefully this will wave will start to work more often during the winter
The wave starts breaking really close to the pier wich makes the takeoff spot quite narrow. this means that the spot doesn't handle a lot of people and demands a well working line-up.

Spot 2: Almost at the end of the pier, it takes a little paddle to get there. But there is a reward,  with a bigger north westerly swell you will see bigger set waves steepening up and starting to break here. It is a great wave For SUP but it often lacks real power for more advanced short board surfing.
Great fun on he sup as you will get some nice long rides
Blog Author enjoying spot 2

Spot 3: A punchy beach break wave that can deliver some fun conditions. Often the conditions here are a little more caotic  compared to the other two waves . It requires a little more work to stay in position here , but often you will get a lot of waves.
A few very recent shots of Lars on his JP-sup

Nov 19, 2013

Watch & learn

I have been pu temporarily out of action due to some sort of gastrointestinal infection , work and family obligations.
No better way to keep your selves motivated then watching videos online
Ifound this little video from the Australian SUP-surfing championships.
It shows preet poor conditions. But thes guys make it look good.
I have probably already watched this video ten times, since the conditions look like something we face more than often

Australian SUP Titles 2013 : Open Semi Final 1 from Australian Paddle Surfer on Vimeo.

Nov 16, 2013

World Cup Look Back

If you haven't watched it yet here is a great video looking back at the Cold Hawaii world cup.

Nov 14, 2013

Swedish Gold

Just watched this great video showcasing both great conditions and great surfing.

Nov 12, 2013

Small but fun..

With the SUP I really like going out even if the conditions are pretty marginal.
 It the perfect time to take out your friends for the first time in waves, and it is  a good place to practise your fundamentals.
It doesn't have to be that big for you to have fun.
Being in the rigth position for the takeoff and timing it rigth is critical for the shortboard SUP take-off . And notice the new suit - its great!

Keep in surfstance -stay low ( lower than this) and 1-2 paddlestrokes and you are in even on a 6'11 board
And look out for other surfers - I only went for this wave because I saw the other guy falling

A short and wide board is my choice for smaller mushy waves 

A really fun session with small clean waves that were a lot of fun

Small but fun

Patrick was out there as well

Lasse had his debut in the waves of Hanstholm

My weapon of choice for these kinds of days is the Gong faking 6'11

Not bad for the first time being out in waves

Patrick gets in to almost any wave with his Nah Skwell

Lasse all done

Nov 7, 2013

Wave classic 2013

More great action coming to us from Sweden.

Winter is coming

Allthough it is still pretty mild outside winter is fast approaching.
Here is the perfect film to keep you motivated to et out there even if the conditions are not ideal.
Great footage and great music

Nov 4, 2013

More action

Another powerfull low passed full force over  Denmarks westcoast this weekend . Great surfconditions on saturday and howling wind on sunday. I have been temporarily sidelined by injury but hopefully I will be able to post a little  action from the weekend nonetheless .
Meanwhile here is a little lookback at a day with more subtle winds
Nice powerfull waves

A good people/waves ratio - always important as well

A little Lars sequence

I really like this shot

Simon has  improved every time I see him

Not really putting the paddle to any use