Apr 18, 2014

Looking forward to this!

Just about a month left till the Sup highlight of the year in my hometown

Enjoy the video:

Apr 16, 2014

Its back on!!

Best news in a looong time
The pwa worldtour returns to Cold Hawaii in 2014!!
The event Was cancelled not to long ago due to insufficient funds, but now we are back on !
More here

Apr 9, 2014

Winter Look back

 A few more looks bask at what was a pretty epic winter
First of is my Good Friend Karsten ripping up Cold Hawaii on his SUP

The SKP buys have had some fun during the winter as well:

Check out the RedBull recap here

Apr 8, 2014

Great Stuff

Busy buzy busy lately , but here is a very nice video for you to enjoy: