Apr 18, 2014

Looking forward to this!

Just about a month left till the Sup highlight of the year in my hometown

Enjoy the video:

Apr 16, 2014

Its back on!!

Best news in a looong time
The pwa worldtour returns to Cold Hawaii in 2014!!
The event Was cancelled not to long ago due to insufficient funds, but now we are back on !
More here

Apr 9, 2014

Winter Look back

 A few more looks bask at what was a pretty epic winter
First of is my Good Friend Karsten ripping up Cold Hawaii on his SUP

The SKP buys have had some fun during the winter as well:

Check out the RedBull recap here

Apr 8, 2014

Great Stuff

Busy buzy busy lately , but here is a very nice video for you to enjoy:

Mar 27, 2014

Mar 26, 2014


OK we are setting for the event of the year in my hometown Odense.
Be sure to join if you can

Mar 24, 2014

Weekend recap.

A classic combination of lots of action and little time has limited the amount of posts lately. I will try to make up for it woth a few posts the coming days.
You will have a great time going through the most recent post from Rip and Snap, lots of

And Surfing ( warning : lot of barrels):

Cold Hawaii Surfcamp have posted photos as well:

I will try and go through some of my own photo evidens in the coming days

Mar 19, 2014


This looks like a really cool project, that I think you should support if you have the oppurtunity.
I still have a feeling of bad consciousness whenever I get into cold water and I feel the pain form cold water getting in your ear.
If you spend a lot of time in cold water , your risk of getting surfers ear ( the common name for an exostosis or abnormal bone growth within the ear canal).
check out the site 

Mar 11, 2014

Weekend recap

I know I am a little late for this, but a lot of stuff has been going on. Plenty of action over the weekend as well.
Friday was the previously mentioned Moonlight surf, it turned out a big success with a good crowd and some nice waves
Check out more shots here
There has been some windsurf action as well
Lars Petersen flying in to the sun

More here

Even I got to go for a very nice sunny session, in between eating birthdaycake with the family.
Dont mind the facialexpression - it was an epic session

Birthday Presents

Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday and I was lucky enough to score some cool gifts.
Here are a couple of nice gadgets that I think you should check out if you get the chance. They come highly recommended

Atan Surf-boots
I was lucky enough to score two pairs of theese. They without comparrison the best boots you will ever get your hans on ( If you ask me). Give yourself the chance to check them out the next time you shopping for surfboots.
I got the toasty warm 6.5 mm winter-version and the 3mm spring version

Reminds you a bit of a Fetich-party? - dont be fooled they rock

My daugther agrees -they rock

Took the 3 mm boots for a spin on sunday- great session no problems keeping warm. More on the session later

Order your next pair here

Kanu logs
If you like me drive a smaller car it can ease your mind that you are able to lock down your boards and reduce the risk of theft.
These steel-enforced straps look like the real del to me I will definitely put them to use during this seasons combined family-surf trips

SUP -tips with Danni Ching

 for practising your technique... pretty cool

Get your copy here

Board update

Since I first posted about my new Fanatic Falcon 14x25  SUP raceboard. I have received quite a few questions regarding the board and how it handles diffrent conditions.
I really like the board , its definately fast ,  paddeling in the flats really has gotten much more fun with this board.
Its quite narrow and of course its a little tippy but its has great secondary stability.  Its not made for stading around talking to your mates,  you end up taking a swim.
It becomes more stable the faster you go. It took me a little pratice to master bouy turns the way I am used to , but now I dont really  think about it anymore.
On downwinder conditions is a huge improvement to my previous boards, it catches runners real easy and its very easy to surf. The nose shape prevents the nose from getting stuck when going down step faces, it is however not a real ELf-shoe nose  like some dedicated downwind boards have, but I find it works both in the flat and on downwinders.
Bear in mind that I am riding the 2013 version, I recently took the  2014 Falcon 12'6 for a quick spin and I most say I was impressed
A video from the other day

Mar 8, 2014


Here is the latest SKP-Steinkopp Spring-Winter video
Enjoy and make sure to get in the water yourself.

Mar 5, 2014

Moonlight surf

Ok in just a few days theres is a really cool event coming up in Cold Hawaii. To celebrates the new surfcollege a evening moonligth surf event is beeing held this friday.
With the help of 36000 watt lamps it is sure to be spectacular.
The  forecast for the event looks very promising.

The learn more about the surf college :

Check the Facebook page

Mar 3, 2014

Below Zero recap

So here is my little recap of this weekends event. The first race of 2014
Let me say first of I had a blast!
The route was scenic, the weather was sunny with mild temperatures and the water was so still it was like cutting through glass.
15 eager riders met for a race course with a few suprises.
 We started straight of the beach in an epic battle for position
The Pictures are all from the event site:
Notice how Fanatic Grommet Christian Andersen aka Polarbear is already up paddeling
Then a short sprint to go around a bouy.

Here a short video of the start and the bouy from a riders perspective:

 We then raced back to shore and had to saw through a piece of timber with an old rusty saw.

Back up  on the boards and start paddeling. 8-9 km through some beautifull scenery. After some catching up I soon caugth the tail of Peter Steinfath ( younger brother of world Champ Casper Steinfath) we chased the leader Mads Ring for quite a while before Philip  came strong from behind and joined our group.
My view for most of the race , Mads out front, Peters tail right in fornt of me

We weren't able to fully catch Mads before we hit the shore. He was  a little ahead before Philip, Peter and I hit the shore only seconds apart.
Crossing the finishline

We only had one last challenge before the rae was over. We had to chop through a piece of wood with an axe.

Years of working in the forrest came to my advantage and I moved into second position.
Much deserved winner was Mads Ring who had the lead for almost the entire race
From the left: Blog Author, Mads , Peter and Philip

We raced for almost an hour, I ended with an average HeartRate of 177 so pretty hard work , but so much fun
It was a great event- i will highly recommend everybody to join in!
I am already looking forward to the next event be sure to join in at :

Mar 2, 2014

Cold Hawaii Q and A

Friends of Cold Hawaii answer a lot of the mostly asked questions about this years cancelled World cup event.

Here is the news, copied from their website:

Responses to queries
After Friends of Cold Hawaii’s announcement that there will be no World Cup in 2014, the matter has been discussed widely. Part of what has been said is true, but there is also a part, which is not (completely) correct, and some is the result of misunderstandings. Based on the reactions, the association has made ​​this series of questions and answers. With that, we hope we can contribute to a better understanding of the core of the situation.


Q: What is Cold Hawaii?
A: Cold Hawaii is an area in Thisted municipality, more specific the coastline from Agger in the south to Hamburg north-east of Hanstholm.

Q: Is Friends of Cold Hawaii a sports club?
A: Friends of Cold Hawaii is not a sports club, but a business/trade association, whose primary purpose is to organize a windsurf World Cup in Thy. By dissolution of the association, any assets will be transferred to youth work in water sports associations in Thisted Municipality.

Q: What is the purpose of Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup?
A: The purpose of the event is to promote Thisted Municipality as an attractive place to live and spend holidays throughout the year, benefitting the businesses.

Q: How does Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup fulfil the purpose of Friends of Cold Hawaii?
A: This is done through the massive media coverage the event creates, and from this, the general interest for the area as a destination for outdoor activities.

Q: What is the sports element of Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup?
A: Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup has so far been held 4 times in September from 2010 to 2013. The participants are 32 of the world’s best windsurfers, who have beforehand qualified for the event.

Q: How is Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup run?
A: The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is run by a group of volunteers and a group of paid employees.
There are approximately 150 volunteers involved; several of these come from the associations KLF66, the local fishing association, and NASA, the local surf club.
The paid employees are primarily hired for project management, communication and distribution of the event, including content for television and press relations.

Q: How is the economy for Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup put together?
A: The accounts of the event in 2013, shows revenue of DKK 2.1 million. The income is distributed on DKK 300,000 from Thisted Municipality, DKK 900,000 in sponsorships, memberships and ad revenue, and finally DKK 900,000 in other funding for example from Sport Event Denmark, Region Nordjylland (North Region of Denmark) and VisitNordjylland. The outcome of the event in 2013 is a loss of DKK 32,000. In 2014 it was expected to have increased revenue from sponsorships, memberships and advertisers but reduced income from other funding, including the absence of income of DKK 150,000 from Sport Event Denmark.

Q: Is Friends of Cold Hawaii responsible for other assignments?
A: Friends of Cold Hawaii has, apart from organizing the World Cup, taken on assignments such as ministerial visits, visits from abroad as well as feedback and approaches from researchers and institutions during the year.

Q: Was it too early that Friends of Cold Hawaii decided not to carry through with the event in 2014?
A: It was made clear that the association needed a grant of DKK 500,000 from Thisted Municipality, to be able to continue the work with fundraising and running the event. With DKK 350,000 it was decided, that it was not possible to carry through with the event.

Q: Could other possibilities for financing have been researched better?
A: The board of the association Friends of Cold Hawaii has assessed that the prospect for success, are small. The association consider it an expression of responsibility.

Q: Is there any bitterness at Friends of Cold Hawaii, about not being granted the DKK 500,000?
A: There is no one in Friends of Cold Hawaii who is bitter. We are proud of the process from 2010 – 2013 and believe that everybody who has contributed can be proud of it. The four years with Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup have been positive. That is what the association is focused on.

Q: Is it not ungrateful to not accept the DKK 350,000?
A: We are not “given” DKK 350,000 from Thisted Municipality. The municipality has approved DKK 350,000, if, and only if, Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is held. If we fail to find the remaining funding (DKK 1,850,000) nothing will be paid out from Thisted Municipality.

Q: Why can the budget not be reduced with DKK 150,000, and by that adjust the expenses?
A: Friends of Cold Hawaii wishes for an event with a certain level of production. The board of the association has concluded, that it is not possible to keep that level if the budget is being reduced. Therefor it is not possible with cutbacks in the budget.

Q: What is going to happen now?
A: To start with, Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is taken off the programme for 2014. The association is now planning this year’s activities. Apart from that, Friends of Cold Hawaii is working on a model for a World Cup in 2015 and the years that follow.

Feb 26, 2014

Below Zero

So ijust a few days until the first SUP-race of the season is coming up. 1. Of March Below zero kicks of the race-season .


Really looking forward to this route
A scenic route through a unik peace of nature

Its the perfect opportunity to race with some good friends, enjoy some beautifull nature and it all ends with a whisky-tasting at the local whisky distillery.

Thats racing - wiking style. Its not about winning its all about the stoke .

Feb 24, 2014

More Westcoast Fire

As previously mentioned, we have had a spell of good conditions lately. Wind, waves and temperatures that give some hope of spring lurking just around the corner. There has been lots of windsurf action:

Here Lars Petersen gets some serious Airtime haniging over the lip
Maybe a nominee for "danish surfphoto of the year 2014" ?

Rocket Air:

Another facebook page worth following is this
Enjoy a few recent photos from Cold Hawaii

Further south we had both

And SUP conditions

Feb 19, 2014

Westcoast on Fire

Lots of action going down over the last days
I have been temporarily sidelined with family but managed to sneak  in a little paddle on sunday.
First of a litlle paddle- and SUP- action.
Klitmøller waterman Lars Petersen put this litlle video online:

Middles clips 13-14 Feb 2014 from Lars Petersen - bit & pieces on Vimeo.

Further south in Hvide Sande Betweens also seems to have delivered some lines
orgen session med rob from mads on Vimeo.

Feb 16, 2014

Home ground

When I was younger I used to windsurf a lot on the danish island Rømø as it was the nearest wavespot from my parents house. I still go there maybe 2-3 imes a year and mostly like it. Its often described as the softer sister of legendary Sylt. I wouldn't call it that beause I find that they are two very diffrent spots. At Rømø, like Sylt, west -wind is directly onshore, so the best thing is to have some sort of angle, Southwest or south-southeast are the preferred wind directions but I have also had some pretty fun days in a northwesterly wind. There are a lot of sandbanks so you will have to manage a lot of breaking waves going out.
The on land conditions deserve some mentioning as well.
You park on the very large beach  and when the conditions are on, you will have sand flying and getting in everywhere. The sand also makes for some pretty interesting driving as there is a potential risk of getting stuck. I remember that all too well from bak in the days when I had to borrow my parents car. It was quite a task just getting permission to lend the old wreck and you didn't, under no circumstances, want to return it all covered in sand.
Here is a nice movie about some guys surfing my old home break, I enjoyed it !

Feb 11, 2014

Mister cool

Here a great movie made by a good friend. He shows what wintersurfing is all about, getting out there no mather what mother nature throws at you.

Feb 7, 2014

New gear

When ever the weather gets cold and non-surfable I find myself spending more time in front of the computer surfing the net.
I often stop by the classified sections of different websites to see if I can make a goood deal or just to drowel over other peoples stuff.
Other times Its just fun to watched really old gear beeing put to sale for unrealistic amounts of money allthough a museum or even the dumpsters would have been better options.
But this time I think I have struck gold, I found and offer  to good to resist , another new SUP raceboard.
Fanatic Falcon 14 feet x 25 inches. super ligth and fast.
I made a quick decision and the board is mine
When the sun finally came out the other day I  simply had to take the new board for a spin. We had only 17 hours of sun in January, so when  the sun was finally out I couldn't resist the chance to get in the water allthough conditions were far from great.

Feb 5, 2014

Safety first

As I have grown older and after becoming a father I have been giving the safety aspekt of our sport more and more attention.
I have probably surfed for than 20 years without suffering any real injuries aside from bruises and scratches.
None the less I bought a helmet a few years ago to use while windsurfing in more extreme conditions.
The latest addition to my safety equipment is the  Restube
It is a small and Handy device that wont bother your performance on the water, it can be worn attached to your harness or camelback on longer sup runs
with one strong pull the floating body inflates and you  even have an integrated rescue whistle.
Watch the video to learn more.


I will definitely be wearing mine during this years sup-races including the ocean crossing Strokes

Feb 2, 2014

Winter- days

We have had a real cold -spell over the last few weeks. Its has demanded a lot of will power to go out there allthough it has been freezing.
Strong wind from an eastely corner has brought in icecold weather from Russia.
I have had  a few downwinding days, its addictive get out there and your are able to dress warm with thick boot and gloves.

Remember this gopro mount?
And after a little  photo editing:

A little downwind video...

Jan 30, 2014

Sad News

While the snow is falling heavily outside , I have just learned that  2014 Cold Hawaii windsurf world cup seems to have been cancelled.

Here is the word from the penguin

Jan 25, 2014

Denmark - the Flip side

while we all mostly look at tha danish westcoast for waves it looks as though there also a lot of potential in the baltic sea.
Lately a lot of pictures have come out from the island of Bornholm.
Check out Bornholm surf Farm for more pictures, here is a little appetiser.

 I am definitely considering it for my next family surftrip

Jan 19, 2014

Jan 17, 2014

Racing gone wild

Here is finally the video  recap of the danish beach race championships, that went down in rough conditions with wind around 40 knots. Still waiting for the video from the second day were the wavecompettion was held in  even windier conditions

SUP DM RACE PART 1 from Noerfilm on Vimeo.

Jan 16, 2014

Swedish Winter Action

First of a great clip by Swedish ripper Markus Rydberg, be sure to visit his blog , here or like his facebook page here

Second a great surf- video from the swedish westcoast!

Jan 13, 2014

More Hanstholm

More video material from some of those great winterdays we have enjoyed in Hanstholm during this awesome winter

Jan 9, 2014

Freestyle Champion

I just received this sweet frestyle edit showcasing the danish windsurf freestyle champion Rasmus Rahbek Oegelund. Shot back in sunny september
Klitmøller from Rasmus Øgelund on Vimeo.

Sunset surf

While the rain is pouring down outside, I found this sweet video on vimeo.
Great stuff from back in september,thanks to the producers -enjoy

Sunset Surf at Bunkers - Klitmøller from Wendt & Maus on Vimeo.

Jan 6, 2014


For a long time I  wondered: whats the point with these downwinders everyone is talking about?
Battling out there in high winds with a huge board doesn't really make that much sense
Here are 2 videos that ,hopefully, show why it is afun and pretty addictive thing to do
First of a superb video  from Hawaii, showing great conditions and great boards

Second a small go-pro version from the 2. january, 15-20 knots winds from a southerly direction left me a litlle clueless of what to do. But fortuneately we decided to try a downwninder at a local beach.
12 hours of winterfun with an average heartrate of 164 ;-)

Jan 4, 2014

On Danish rocks

A super nice surf-video produced by the guys from Holmstrøm,  ideal for  saturday  mornings with good coffee before going for a surf your self

Jan 2, 2014

Happy New Year

First of Happy new year to all of you,  I hope you made it safely in to 2014.
What a year it has been, lots of water time and lots of fun, hopefully I will be able to have the same amount of fun in 2014.
We still have surfconditions almost on a daily basis, this winter is absolutely amazing.
As I am writing this I am actually on my out th e door to score another surf-session
Here is another video showing you some of the bice conditions we are experiencing at the moment.

LarsBj from Kristian Rønn Lauritsen on Vimeo.

If you are desperate for warm windsurfconditions, check out the Kulingvarning-guys enjoying warm-Hawaii