Mar 2, 2014

Cold Hawaii Q and A

Friends of Cold Hawaii answer a lot of the mostly asked questions about this years cancelled World cup event.

Here is the news, copied from their website:

Responses to queries
After Friends of Cold Hawaii’s announcement that there will be no World Cup in 2014, the matter has been discussed widely. Part of what has been said is true, but there is also a part, which is not (completely) correct, and some is the result of misunderstandings. Based on the reactions, the association has made ​​this series of questions and answers. With that, we hope we can contribute to a better understanding of the core of the situation.


Q: What is Cold Hawaii?
A: Cold Hawaii is an area in Thisted municipality, more specific the coastline from Agger in the south to Hamburg north-east of Hanstholm.

Q: Is Friends of Cold Hawaii a sports club?
A: Friends of Cold Hawaii is not a sports club, but a business/trade association, whose primary purpose is to organize a windsurf World Cup in Thy. By dissolution of the association, any assets will be transferred to youth work in water sports associations in Thisted Municipality.

Q: What is the purpose of Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup?
A: The purpose of the event is to promote Thisted Municipality as an attractive place to live and spend holidays throughout the year, benefitting the businesses.

Q: How does Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup fulfil the purpose of Friends of Cold Hawaii?
A: This is done through the massive media coverage the event creates, and from this, the general interest for the area as a destination for outdoor activities.

Q: What is the sports element of Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup?
A: Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup has so far been held 4 times in September from 2010 to 2013. The participants are 32 of the world’s best windsurfers, who have beforehand qualified for the event.

Q: How is Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup run?
A: The Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is run by a group of volunteers and a group of paid employees.
There are approximately 150 volunteers involved; several of these come from the associations KLF66, the local fishing association, and NASA, the local surf club.
The paid employees are primarily hired for project management, communication and distribution of the event, including content for television and press relations.

Q: How is the economy for Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup put together?
A: The accounts of the event in 2013, shows revenue of DKK 2.1 million. The income is distributed on DKK 300,000 from Thisted Municipality, DKK 900,000 in sponsorships, memberships and ad revenue, and finally DKK 900,000 in other funding for example from Sport Event Denmark, Region Nordjylland (North Region of Denmark) and VisitNordjylland. The outcome of the event in 2013 is a loss of DKK 32,000. In 2014 it was expected to have increased revenue from sponsorships, memberships and advertisers but reduced income from other funding, including the absence of income of DKK 150,000 from Sport Event Denmark.

Q: Is Friends of Cold Hawaii responsible for other assignments?
A: Friends of Cold Hawaii has, apart from organizing the World Cup, taken on assignments such as ministerial visits, visits from abroad as well as feedback and approaches from researchers and institutions during the year.

Q: Was it too early that Friends of Cold Hawaii decided not to carry through with the event in 2014?
A: It was made clear that the association needed a grant of DKK 500,000 from Thisted Municipality, to be able to continue the work with fundraising and running the event. With DKK 350,000 it was decided, that it was not possible to carry through with the event.

Q: Could other possibilities for financing have been researched better?
A: The board of the association Friends of Cold Hawaii has assessed that the prospect for success, are small. The association consider it an expression of responsibility.

Q: Is there any bitterness at Friends of Cold Hawaii, about not being granted the DKK 500,000?
A: There is no one in Friends of Cold Hawaii who is bitter. We are proud of the process from 2010 – 2013 and believe that everybody who has contributed can be proud of it. The four years with Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup have been positive. That is what the association is focused on.

Q: Is it not ungrateful to not accept the DKK 350,000?
A: We are not “given” DKK 350,000 from Thisted Municipality. The municipality has approved DKK 350,000, if, and only if, Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is held. If we fail to find the remaining funding (DKK 1,850,000) nothing will be paid out from Thisted Municipality.

Q: Why can the budget not be reduced with DKK 150,000, and by that adjust the expenses?
A: Friends of Cold Hawaii wishes for an event with a certain level of production. The board of the association has concluded, that it is not possible to keep that level if the budget is being reduced. Therefor it is not possible with cutbacks in the budget.

Q: What is going to happen now?
A: To start with, Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup is taken off the programme for 2014. The association is now planning this year’s activities. Apart from that, Friends of Cold Hawaii is working on a model for a World Cup in 2015 and the years that follow.

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