Mar 3, 2014

Below Zero recap

So here is my little recap of this weekends event. The first race of 2014
Let me say first of I had a blast!
The route was scenic, the weather was sunny with mild temperatures and the water was so still it was like cutting through glass.
15 eager riders met for a race course with a few suprises.
 We started straight of the beach in an epic battle for position
The Pictures are all from the event site:
Notice how Fanatic Grommet Christian Andersen aka Polarbear is already up paddeling
Then a short sprint to go around a bouy.

Here a short video of the start and the bouy from a riders perspective:

 We then raced back to shore and had to saw through a piece of timber with an old rusty saw.

Back up  on the boards and start paddeling. 8-9 km through some beautifull scenery. After some catching up I soon caugth the tail of Peter Steinfath ( younger brother of world Champ Casper Steinfath) we chased the leader Mads Ring for quite a while before Philip  came strong from behind and joined our group.
My view for most of the race , Mads out front, Peters tail right in fornt of me

We weren't able to fully catch Mads before we hit the shore. He was  a little ahead before Philip, Peter and I hit the shore only seconds apart.
Crossing the finishline

We only had one last challenge before the rae was over. We had to chop through a piece of wood with an axe.

Years of working in the forrest came to my advantage and I moved into second position.
Much deserved winner was Mads Ring who had the lead for almost the entire race
From the left: Blog Author, Mads , Peter and Philip

We raced for almost an hour, I ended with an average HeartRate of 177 so pretty hard work , but so much fun
It was a great event- i will highly recommend everybody to join in!
I am already looking forward to the next event be sure to join in at :

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