Dec 29, 2013

More winter fun

First of a great video , Made by Klitmøllers own Arne Stjerna, featuring  the spot Fakir ( link 1 , link2)

This is followed by photos from a nice morning session on the 25.

In the pit

Laying it down

Dec 26, 2013

More x-mas sessions

The conditions over the hollidays have been absolutely amazing . Its been pretty hard to keep both the family and the surfer happy. Both I am truly a lucky man as my wife and the rest of the family is pretty tolerant tomy addiction.
I had a superb session on the 25.

Nice Waves and offshore wind, more to follow from this session

Lars was there  as well enjoying his birthday with nice waves

Local Waterman Lars Petersen has enjoyed some pretty spectacular windsurf conditions, be sure sure to follow him on facebook, but you have to be prepare  for feeling like you are missing out because he gets a lot of water-time..

Here the most reason shots

Dec 21, 2013


Another post from a great day in Fakir.
The spot just nest to the harbor with a very rough atmosphere.
Not a spot were you want to take the kids for a stroll. The normal Hanstholm spot , Middels or Fishfactory are much more userfriendly
Even getting in the water can prove a little tricky

Standing at the shore, I am deliberately not using the word beach here, you get  a good viea of whats going on

You see your mates ripping

You see the the beautifull waves rolling in

And looking down to where you want to enter the water you realize why the spot has its name
Not really your ideal launching spot

But the waves often make up for troubles at shore

Dec 20, 2013

Christmas session

Last year the conditons around christmas were pretty epic and this year looks like more of the same. Waves almost everyday and really mild temperatures means that I really look forward to getting in the water around the hollidays. On thursy I had a really nice session in Fakir , a notorius break in the Cold Hawaii region know hos is rocky shore line.A break that is in danger with the planned expansion of the nearby harbor, read more
Here are few shots from the day, lots of people in water allthough its already end of December

Lars Petersen enjoying a  few nice rights

Karsten in the right spot

Christian on a nice sized wave

Even the Sun came out

More to come hopefully

Dec 18, 2013

Boardshorts only!

Its the colder darker time of year, and allthough the temperatures are stille quite nice up here we all long for summer conditions. The wind is blowing almost non-stop at the moment and the waves are on fire, but its pretty tricky getting out before it gets dark.
Hopefully there will be some action the coming days.
here a few shots from this summer in Hvide Sande.

Hvide Sande surf-shop-owner Henrik has decided to move his winter quaters to the Kap-Verde Islands
it look pretty sweet:

Be sure to like his facebook page: cabosurfclub