Dec 7, 2013

Bodil the Storm

Finally an update from stormy Denmark. Thursday and friday the country was in an absolute lock down , all bridges closed down, and the kids were sent home from school early. I  wasn.t able to hit the water due to above reasons.
The Storm was named Bodil, sam name as my 2 year old daugther :-)
Bu I will try and give you a little look of some of what has been happening:

Hvide Sande was hit really really hard by the storm .
I think the weather station freaked out a little

The view from the local cafe

 Further North the SKP-boys were out there

Robert Sand had a pretty  dramatic windsurf session

On the east coast  danish Surf-champ Christoffer Hartkopp got some media  coverage:

You simply must check out RIPandSNAP for more action

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