Dec 5, 2013

Christmas Wishes

Last year I made a list of Christmas Wishes  and after unwrapping my presents I actuelly ended up with quite a few of them.
So this year I am once again going to hare the list with you and I am hoping that Santa is also paying attention.
There is no real hardware in here , but just things that will help make your life in and around the water a little more fun

Floatable sunglasses
A great idea if you spend a lot of hours on the water. I not sure how well they work in heavier surf  but i am willing to give them a go on the more mellow days

Check out
Dunkerbeck Eyewear

or Bomber Eyewear

Nikon 1 AW1:
This new action sports camera looks great, I am not sure about the prize range though

K4 Harness mount:

The harness mount offers a nice perspective to the reportier of the go pro.
Cold Hawaiis own Lars Petersen has made some pretty spectular shots with an extended  pole

Winter - booties:
The best boots on the market in my opinion are the french made ATAN
Get yours at
Ear plugs
After having seen some pretty severe cases  of surfers ear , I  really should get me a pair of theese for cold water sessions


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