Feb 7, 2014

New gear

When ever the weather gets cold and non-surfable I find myself spending more time in front of the computer surfing the net.
I often stop by the classified sections of different websites to see if I can make a goood deal or just to drowel over other peoples stuff.
Other times Its just fun to watched really old gear beeing put to sale for unrealistic amounts of money allthough a museum or even the dumpsters would have been better options.
But this time I think I have struck gold, I found and offer  to good to resist , another new SUP raceboard.
Fanatic Falcon 14 feet x 25 inches. super ligth and fast.
I made a quick decision and the board is mine
When the sun finally came out the other day I  simply had to take the new board for a spin. We had only 17 hours of sun in January, so when  the sun was finally out I couldn't resist the chance to get in the water allthough conditions were far from great.

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