Feb 16, 2014

Home ground

When I was younger I used to windsurf a lot on the danish island Rømø as it was the nearest wavespot from my parents house. I still go there maybe 2-3 imes a year and mostly like it. Its often described as the softer sister of legendary Sylt. I wouldn't call it that beause I find that they are two very diffrent spots. At Rømø, like Sylt, west -wind is directly onshore, so the best thing is to have some sort of angle, Southwest or south-southeast are the preferred wind directions but I have also had some pretty fun days in a northwesterly wind. There are a lot of sandbanks so you will have to manage a lot of breaking waves going out.
The on land conditions deserve some mentioning as well.
You park on the very large beach  and when the conditions are on, you will have sand flying and getting in everywhere. The sand also makes for some pretty interesting driving as there is a potential risk of getting stuck. I remember that all too well from bak in the days when I had to borrow my parents car. It was quite a task just getting permission to lend the old wreck and you didn't, under no circumstances, want to return it all covered in sand.
Here is a nice movie about some guys surfing my old home break, I enjoyed it !

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