May 9, 2012

Construction Site

Baustelle aka Hvide Sande part I
My favorit spot for windsurfing at the Danish west coast is definitely Hvide Sande . Beeing a windsurfer  loving starboard conditions this has been the spot to go for many years. I have been coming there for more than 15 years and consider my self at least part time wannabe  local.
The spot has been working due to the legandary south pier..
This has been changing the last year or so due to the construction of a new entrance to the harbour..

The construction of the new pier is well under way and the talk of town has been the possible construction of a artificial reef.

The spot for Surfing lies between the 2 new piers and surfing there has a somewhat industrial charm.
I will try posting pics from the old glory days the coming days.
The conditions can be followed here.. .

Baustelle is the german word for construction site wich suits the spot quit well for the moment.


  1. Exciting stuff - when do they expect to finish the pier by?
    -Jack @ Construction site cleanup

  2. The new pier is supposed to be finished this fall... No exact time schedule for the new reef...