Jun 21, 2012

Blåvand - spotguide

Blåvand is located at the most western part of Denmark and has a special place in my heart. It is the place I learned to wave sail and a place where I have spent a lot of summers working as a windsurf-instruktor.
Besides being a wind-surfspot it is also one of Denmarks turist capitals.
The infrastructure in the area is great,  it is pretty much entertainment for the whole family. Acommodations is offered in every price range.

Surf-wise the spot can be some what tricky. South wind is 90 degree full onshore and west is sideshore starboardtack.  The spot offers the best waves around high tide.
I find the best wind being southwesterly winds turning west. If the wind starts out west and turns northwest (cross off) the wavemachine never gets going and it is time  to go else where.

I was very happy to surf here for many years,  but nowadays it hard to catch a really good day here.
My perfect days here are crossonshore winds for 3,7m2 or sunny days of summer sailing with 5.0
You always sure to meet someone else at the beach and can get quite hectic at times.
But if you like starboard tack sailing its a must go on southwesterly winds.

Bonus info: South-east winds has the possibility of nice port tack conditions

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