Aug 22, 2013

Standup World Tour Hamburg

One big SUP party in the middle of Hamburg and I simply had to go. I convinced my wife tog go with me to see the racing on sunday. I originally planned to join the fun-race but in the end it didn't fit  in to my plans . The weather was rainy but even my wife seemed to enjoy herself. A great set up event with lots of different SUP manufactors putting their gear on display.
A lot of the top athletes were there as well and I was really looking to see some racing. The course was layedout within the harbor consisting of 10 laps of 1 km. Perfect for the spectators, there was non stop action, I not sure the racers wold have opted for fewer sharp turns but in the end it was a lot of fun to watch.
Here is a short video produced by Tonix pictures

Here are some pics from the event..
Camp David really put on a show

SIC had a lot of boards on display 

The rudder of the 17' downwind board

Great to see so many of the big companys joining the event

Thoese starboards just look fast

Lots of people testing out gear

Kai Lenny getting ready

This guy needs no introduction

The Fanatic boardrange looks great

Tilføj billedtekst

Robby and Kai had fun on the inflatables trying to push one another in the water 

Cool kid !

Eric Terrien

Seconds before the start of the 10 km race

Go !

The battle is on

Womens leader Annabel Anderson

At the turn

Paul Jackson

Trying to catch Kai Lenny

Dont fall

Leader from start to finish

SUP super man

Beau O'brien in second Casper in third

Post race discussions

Annabel Anderson winning the womens division

Second and third

Fun race winners

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