Aug 19, 2013

Fun times

Another sunday at the beach in cold Hawaii. I  went with my good friend Simon , who hasn't got a lot of experience in the waves but was more than eager to learn more. The weather was almost perfect. We started out in Hanstholm with small fun waves - perfect learning conditions. We were soon joined by Karsten  who was nice enough to take a few shots of us. It is always nice to see photos of yourself surfing and you can learn a lot by looking at the evidence put in front of you.
Let me tak you through some of the photos.
Later on we  when for a sunset session in Nr vorupør were the lefthand wave was working. Lots of people in the water but plenty of waves to be had. Great to practice some backside waveriding again

I recently shortend my wave paddle by more than 10 cm and i love it, it is  now a little shorter than my height. 183 cm vs my height of 185cm

Get your back foot to the tailpad and bend your knees

Simon paddeling into a wave, in surfstance, just needs to bend his knees a little more..

Perfect position

Here is a perfect example of what happens if you stay to far forward - board looses speed and....

And you mess up your turn

Another example , this isn't the board not turning - its the rider
Pretty happy with this one . Low body position and back foot near the tailpad 

Simon  showing the full length of his board..

Just 10 cm further back and the board will turn on a dime

This looks better , but I need a shorter leash

Waiting for the wave to become steep

Small waves - big fun

Way to go Simon ! 

Now we only need a smile 

The long walk back

Karsten putting his custom Infinity on the rail

Good speed in small waves

Heading for the lip

Simon ran out of steam and had to reload before the second session



  1. Hi Niels, habe mein Paddel auch schon wieder gekürzt. Die Welle richtig zu rippen ist nicht leicht finde ich da sie recht langsam läuft wir hatten sie im Juli etwas größer, es ist halt Windswell. Schöne Bilder Aloha Martin

  2. Wir freuen uns alle auf etwas grössere Welle aber wir nehmen was kommt! :-)