Sep 16, 2013

Warm Up Weekend

So the kick off of this years windsurf worldcup is only hours away. This weekend was the traditional warm-up weekend with windsurf and SUP contest for everyone.
 Saturday was blessed with awesome waves, no wind(zero) and lots of rain, wich made take pictures rather difficult .
I was out there at the reef in Klitmøller - it was easy to be starstruck beacause there were more than a few windsurf celebreties in the water as well, amongst them : Victor Fernandez, Dany Bruch, Aqdam Levis.
A windsurf / Kite longdistance race was planned but I dont think they were able to crown a winner.
The event-site looks all ready

Waves at the reef- lots of people in the water- but mostly without any problems

Waves went both left and rigth

I am not sure who this is, ut he put on quite a show

Did I mention the crowd?

What to do with the paddle??

Lars Petersen putting it to good use

Nice waves

Dave going backside 

The weather forecast for the event is changing all the time - a few days ago it was looking epic
now it is more sketchy:

Despite the forecast, it looks very windy at the moment...

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