Sep 20, 2013

PWA cold hawaii World Cup day 4 recap

So not a whole lot of wind in cold Hawaii at the moment. But lots of fun and action at the reef and in the bay.
A few guys were out there making the most of the conditions, even though there wasn't a lot of wind these guys make it look good.
The waves were fun , lots of people having fun on surfboards, SUPs on of course windsurfing
Here a short photo recap..
The event site with lots of people and lots of sun on this beautifull day

Winners of the SUP race the local SKP- boys

The slalom boys

Ben Proffit made it look good

Laid back

Always in the rigth spot

The danish freestyle elite

Moritz Mauch showed a few reaaly nice wave tricks

Fun-sized waves for surf and SUP

The bay

Conditions could look promising for some action on sunday... fingers crossed.

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