Sep 6, 2013

Danish Championships Part I

Here is the first photo part from the national danis SUP-surfing championschips. A great event with  lots of action despite 40 knots of wind. Lots of talent and great friends at the beach.

Lets start out with some shots of 12 year old Christian who won the junior prize, went all the way to final in the mens open surf and finished in third position at the technical race. Talk about  talent.

Here he is on a soft-top surfboard.

Sebastian Kornum , a great overall talent, showed great moves all day and finished in 4. position

Dave changed his normal shortboard for the SUP  for the day

Great stuff Christian 

German Dirk also joined the fun

This guy need no introduction..

Casper Steinfath

Ulrik from Sweden had some nice waves- enjoy this one

The long board worked really well in theese windy conditions

Allways staying near the power-source

Allan with best looking board of the weekeend , hand crafted wood

Magnus from Sweden showed great style and went all the way to the finals

Lars has great skills but had a bad day..

Longest board of the contest?

Great style

Dirks daugther Paulina did great in womens contest

Christian with a 80 l Starboard Sup

Mor Meluka showed great style


Great stuff Mor!

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