Apr 27, 2013

Mid-Week magic

This week has delivered pretty epic conditions.
Wednesday my facebook acount was buzzing with people telling me how great is was.
Cold Hawaii surfcamp put this online :
Cold Hawaii wet dreams put this teaser online:

Thursday I was finally able to go all though I had a super busy day at work and lots of other stuff to do. Best day of the year for me, perfect silk smooth waves,  absolutely no  chop set-waves that were head high . I surfed all alone for 3 hours straigth and caugth a ton of waves...

A few  go pro stills from a great  session. After the first few sessions on my new 6'11 , I absolutely love it. It really is a struggle paddeling the board in wind and chop but on a day like thusday it really delivers..
I have been working really hard on my backside surfing and it is finally beginning to pay of

Gong 6'11 Faking magic 

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