Apr 9, 2013

Fishy Buisness

Conditions have been very far from great lately. Ice cold easterly winds  have meant no waves, and bitter cold.. This weekend held some promise of a litle waves. I was itching to try out my new board
 and decided to give t a go on sunday. onditions vere poor to say the least. Small waves a pretty strong onshore wind and no to forget massive snow shower every now and again.The waves were choppy and the water had a strange fishy smell. All in all perfect conditions for testing out a new board.  Suprisingly enough I had no real difficulty paddling the new 6.11, I fell in a couple of times  , but way less then I thought i would. After all the hassle I drove home with a smile on my face in the end. Now we need some real waves and sun - please ;-) .
Before I went in myself I grabbed a few shots of Ben  ...

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