Jun 23, 2013

Family weekend

I just got back after  home after a short trip to Cold Hawaii and this time I even brougth the family. The weather forecast was looking pretty rainy so we opted for a little cabin at Nystrup Camping.
Saturday we had some rain but sunday was sunny . I love the midsummer time as you can combine family life and surfing easily. I was in the water till 10' o clock on saturday evening ...
I surf the bay in klitmøller on saturday and on sunday we went to near by Nr Vorupør wich offered a nice little wave and offshore wind.
Here are a few shots , much more to follow...

Summer in Denmark often includes clouds and rain

My trusty Gong boards

Fun little wave allowing a few turns

The 7'4 works really well in these marginal conditions..

Nice steep waves

Back side waveriding in small waves is still hard

Now for some family quality tme 

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