Jun 4, 2013

Another weekend-lookback

Another action packed weekend for us weekend warriors. It was sunny, it was warm,  lots of wind, waves and smiles. Saturday was pretty much a summerday. Saturday the westcoast was pumping, gale force wind from northwest  and lots of fun.
Wind surfers were at it at the westcoast.
Gorm posted this pic from Fanø:

Signature Backloop

Rock on !

Further north in Hanstholm conditions were going off as well
Here Jonas..

I spend my weekend at the first stop of the danish SUP race series, It was held in my home town and I was one of the organizers so I really couldn't ditch it to go in the waves, unfortunately..
Even the baltic sea seeam to have been on fire :
check out RIp and snap for more:

I was even able to win the race, but the best part of the weekend was seeeing all the kids trying out SUP for the first time...

Leading the pack at the last turn

Cruising towards the finish line

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