Nov 5, 2012

Weekend Warrior

The days are rapidly getting shorter and after we turned the clock a hour back it gets dark at 17'ish around here. This has greatly limited the oppurtunitys of after work sessions. Thi past week has been pretty hard on us poor souls  stuckesd at work.
My mood was getting lower by the hour as more and more photos keept ticking in...
here are some of my favorite shot form this past week..
Sebastian  Kornum

Sunday I was finally able to get in the water my self...
I was In hvide sande, the conditions were far from great,not really anything  like the above. But I hat lots of fun anyhow, its all in your mind. Its much easier to have fun when you have a positive mind...
A few stills shot wih the go -pro..
In the pocket

Fun clean waves

A little hit

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