Oct 6, 2013

Sylt 2014

So this year didn't offer wave conditions but lost of action none the less.
I have been coming to the Sylt World cup for almost 20 years and this year was no exception.  It is the biggest event of the year and the fuzz around the event is outstanding.
It is the perfect event to bring , the wife, the family and anybody who isn't really into windsurfing.
Saturday I went with the whole family and we enjoyed all the things going on despite no actual windsurf action.
I watched some of the live streaming during the week and I really thougth that the racing was exciting

The picture pretty much says it.

Lots of people and lots to see

Lots of things to see and hear..

Robby Naish still draws a crowd

Got a new book :-)

The family is all smiles

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