Feb 4, 2013

Friday recap

So we have had one week of relative mild tempratures and westerly winds and not to forget swell. It  still gets dark around 17.00 so it is quite a challenge to get out after work.
Well known waterman Lars Petersen posted a few windsurfshots on his facebook midweek and had me ictching to get in the water.

It wasn't until friday I had the oppurtunity to get in the water myself. No wind but nice waves meant SUP action in Hvide Sande. The little lefthander was working really well on the inside of the new pier. During the session I also found a small right-hand wave breaking and had it all to myself.
In the end I shot a few pictures of my friend Lars..

Perfect little SUP wave

This was a typical wave on this day 

Two of the local proners : Mads

And Per Morten

Nice one !

Small waves - big SUP fun

Notice how he is already in surf stance as he paddles into the wave...

A go-pro shot of the little rigth hand wave 
Back side on the lefthander

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