Dec 5, 2012

Christmas wishes

Christmas is coming up and there are lots of goodies out there to be drooling over. I wold like to list a few hot items that would look good under my tree.

1: Soloshot : a genius product that allows you to film yourself surfing...

Here a fun surf vid showing the soloshot  in action:

2: Rip Curl H bomb vest
A electrically powered heating west tha produces heat for 3 hours, sounds almost to good to be true:

Admitted it is a little pricy and I am a little confused  to how this thing is charged, do I need to buy some sort of  adaptor?

3: Go Pro hero 3 black edition.. The newest go pro cam, actually I mostly miss the build in wifi in my current go-pro so maybe I should just leave it to the wifi pack...
This is a real cool gopro clip, makes me miss warm weather ( actually this is the Hero 2)

4: surf Poncho
These things are  a-must-have for anyone who ventures in cooler waters every now and again...

5: Hydration pack
Another must have for any sup-racer and I simply need one

6: Surf Booties
The best shoes by far, in my opinion , are the french ATAN boots. Smooth warm and a perfct fit.

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